ther classic song "Lu Binghua" sung by the

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The stars in the sky do not speak, the baby on the ground misses her mother, and she remembers her words every night, and Lu Bing hears this song, and I ca n��t help humming, until now I know, behind this beautiful singing voice, There is a sad story, Zhong Zhaozheng, the author of Lu Binghua. The book mainly depicts the image of Gu Aming, a young boy. He is poor, mischievous, and has middle and low grades. He loves painting, is obsessed with color, and has a rich imagination. And super high talent for painting, favored by the instructor. However, when the school chose a representative to participate in the drawing contest, Gu Aming was strongly opposed by other teachers. Helpless, he can only miss this game. Afterwards Gu Aming was disheartened. Fortunately, under the guidance of his instructor Guo Yuntian, he sent his painting "Tea Worm World" to the International Children's Art Exhibition. Soon, Guo Yuntian was forced to resign from the teaching post. When the news that Amin's work won a special prize was returned to his hometown, he was rained on a rainy day to rescue the poisoned kitten, and died a few days later due to the delay of his illness! When I read that Aming was not in the drawing contest, I was very angry: why not recommend him? He has the strength to win the championship! Is it because he is poor? !! Therefore, it is recommended that ordinary students who have no resilience but have wealth and power in their homes! Is this society still at a stage of inequality for all? I think so. Rich is not necessarily talented, no money is not necessarily talented! As I read, my heart gradually became depressed. Gu Aming's paintings are unique and have a personality in color matching. For example, he sometimes painted trees as big red, sometimes buffalo was turned into green cow, sometimes black sky Cigarettes For Sale, or yellow, purple. Most of the teachers frowned when they saw Gu Aming's paintings Cigarettes Online. Only the instructor Guo Yuntian greatly appreciated his creative paintings. This reminds me of the article "The Troubles Caused by Pig Ass" which I have seen before. The story says that a group of students went to sketch and draw pigs, and everyone else drew pig heads. Only boy Meng Jingming squatted aside and painted pig ass. As a result, he was severely criticized by art teachers, class teachers and parents. The painting was also hidden from the exhibition. Later, a scientist who likes to paint came to the school and frowned after seeing the classmates' paintings. "Why is it the same? Is there another look?" Meng Jingming's picture of the pig's buttocks is only now I was praised by scientists and said that he is a creative, indifferent and creative child. I think Meng Jingming and Gu Aming are in a similar situation. Their paintings are all rejected and rejected by others, with only a few Meng Jingming is lucky, but Gu Aming is miserable. This little genius in the painting world has not made any achievements in the world, so he died early. He did n��t know that waiting for him was a prize from Lu Binghua, a strange country from South America. The seeds are left behind, and a yellow flower will bloom next year to decorate the world. Between this opening and opening, the tea plantation will get nutrients. However, thanks to the precious gift of genius in the world, what will be left behind? Gently closing the pages of the book Marlboro Gold, I want to shout, shouting the injustice of fate to Gu Amin! This world is really too unfair! There seems to be another classic song "Lu Binghua" sung by the world. "The stars in the sky do not speak. Dolls on the ground think of their mothers. Every night they think of their mothers. Lu Binghua

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