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During the revolutionary war, many heroes emerged. Regardless of whether they are soldiers or chiefs, they not only fight heroically and die for their lives, but also take care of each other and care for their comrades-in-arms, building a strong trench of insurmountable enemies. The revolutionary stories that can be sung and weeped are deeply etched in people's hearts. Today I read a touching long march story, "Newborn on the Death Line": When the Red Army was crossing the grassland, Tan's political commissar got typhoid fever, because of overwork, recurrence of old injuries, and wind and rain, and his illness became more serious. In order not to disturb others, he was unwilling to lie on the stretcher and let the tired soldiers carry him, and he actually asked the soldiers to march on the backs of their cattle and march. However, looking at Tan ��s political commissar who was getting worse, comrades extended a helping hand. The soldiers made a ��delicious�� lunch for him; Dr. Yang risked falling behind to find herbs for him, and General Manager He also Come and visit him in person. With the careful care of his teammates and the care and encouragement of the chief, Tan's political commissar was finally cured Newport Cigarettes. In the story, the political commissar Tan was able to cure severe typhoid fever in such a harsh environment and under such difficult conditions. It is really not easy. How much the soldiers took care of him, they would rather eat wild vegetables, cook belts, and even be hungry, but also cook "delicious" meals for the Tan political commissar; although the Tan political commissar insisted on not using a stretcher, the soldiers still made a stretcher for him; The pills were gone, and Dr. Yang risked pouring rain and risked falling behind to collect herbs for Tan ��s political commissar; President He not only had to lead the soldiers on the march and guide the route, but also had to take the soldiers to fight with the enemy and deal with them. Knowing that Tan Political Commissar was seriously ill, he personally came to condolences and encouragement. Now I suddenly understand why the political commissar Tan's illness got better so quickly. That's because the love and encouragement of the soldiers is a pair of the best medicines Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Such medicines penetrate into the body little by little, not only drive them away. Sickness also nourishes the heart. I think: On the arduous 25,000-mile long march, such stories happen every day. The soldiers won the victory of the Long March by relying on their firm faith, tenacious will and selfless love Fresh heroes, my soul was shaken again. Caring is everywhere, and love is everywhere in life. Classmates 'love, friends' love, teachers 'love, parents' love. We grow up in an ocean of love. Every time I see the shallow scar on the instep, my heart is surrounded by warmth again. That was last summer. I got up first at six o'clock in the morning. I used an electric kettle to boil a pot of boiling water to prepare instant noodles. Due to a moment of inadvertence, the boiling water was sprinkled on my insteps. There was severe pain Let me shout loudly Marlboro Cigarettes. Mom and dad rushed to the living room with my scream, and at a glance they understood what was happening. Dad said nothing, immediately picked me up, went to the bathroom, and dipped my feet in cold water. My mother looked for the ointment everywhere at home. Although she applied the ointment, her hot pain did not decrease at all. To alleviate my pain, Dad hugged me to bed, turned on the fan, and cooled my wound, but the wind was too strong and painful. Mom brought in a fan and kept cooling down for me. Seeing my parents busy so nervously, my eyes were wet. Because it was summer, my wound was accidentally infected. Grandpa and grandma took me to the hospital for treatment many times. Due to the inconvenience of moving after a foot injury, my grandma accompanied me every day, chatted with me, played card games with me, and helped me walk. With the meticulous care and care of my family, two months later, my feet finally recovered and I could put on my shoes and play around. A small injury made me understand the power of love. Love is like a clear spring, washing my body. Love is like a spring breeze, which warms my heart. Love is like a pot of fragrant tea, fragrance me soul.
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