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The breeze lifted the plain curtain, exposing large red clouds in the sky. The breeze surged in, and the house's ink fragrance escaped. I sucked in the air that fascinated me and spit it out slowly, leaving only the sound of disturbing turning of the book pages. I stared at the yellowed pages, and there was a scent of fragrance inside. Suddenly, there was only a blank space around, and there was still a faint ink fragrance in the air. I am stumbling forward, what am I looking for? Or is it calling me? A blank world frightens my heart. I didn't say a word, walking slowly under my feet, the mellow fragrance still flowing around me. Suddenly, the dazzling white floated out illegible text, I was shocked, and my pace accelerated: Is it it? Is it! That's what I'm looking for! The mist covered my eyes Marlboro Red, but I kept on, taking a deep breath of the air mixed with Chen Xiang, my heart was shocked, and I hurried to the unknown. The fog gradually dissipated, and a corner of green was exposed in front of it Cigarettes Online. I am overjoyed and rush to it! But all of a sudden, a harsh cicada came from my ear, and I suddenly raised my head, and found that nothing had changed. Nanke dreamed. The fragrant ink in the air became more intense, and the red clouds outside the window were nowhere to be seen, but purple clouds floated leisurely. Sometimes dreams and reality are only one line apart Cigarettes For Sale. It's like Zhuang Zhou Mengdie. I wonder if Zhuang Zhou dreams and turns into a butterfly, or is butterfly dreaming into Zhuang Zhou? Is it true or false? I wiped away the thoughts in my heart, and a word rose slowly: the same thing is that reading along the way with my books and fragrances is like reading a book. A pot of good tea, some people use it to quench their thirst, they will see the bottom of the cup in two or three mouths, and they do n��t know the taste; some people taste it slowly, consider it carefully, and send it into the mouth with bursts of fragrance. People get irritable! The same is true for reading. I do n��t think he will read much about reading a book as a task person. Calm down, put aside the worldly things, and hold a book, the joy is endless! In my long and short life path, with me, there is a touch of scholarship. The joy of reading and the joy of reading cannot be expressed in words. Books, like a quiet path, lead people into a vast sky; books, like a blue sea, let people indulge in the blue; books, like a small firefly, guide people who are lost in the darkness ...... It brings me a pure world, a free sky, and the quiet and fragrant reading. It reads not only words, but more, a mood, a quality. May I carry all the way to the unknown, bravely advance to the unknown

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