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Once a child who was innocent and childish, now is a mature boy, and books have changed me. As Gorky said, ��Books are the ladder of human progress.�� In reading, I grew up slowly, immersed in the moisture of knowledge rain, and felt the joy of growing up. When I was young, I loved watching fairy tales, but I was at that time. Literacy is limited, so I like to hear stories from others every time. When I met "Little Girl Selling Matches", I realized that the little girl was embarrassed, and the end was even more sour! The little girl and her loved ones gathered in heaven. The picture of happiness made me want to pray for her. I hope God can take care of this poor girl because of the environment and other factors. I am also keen to read those people. A thoughtful book, a book containing the author's inner monologue, and a prose that tells the author's childhood life. When I passed the "If I give me three days of light," I know how to cherish time, not wasting a minute! Feel the courage of Helen Keller Marlboro Lights. One and a half years old, she could not speak because of high fever, and she gradually lost her voice. For the average person, this will be a tragic life, but the good news is that Helen has not chosen to give up on herself. She learns to adapt to the hardships that ordinary people can't imagine and bravely face it all. She paid a lot of sweat than she did, and she finally got into a prestigious university through hard work. Helen��s beliefs �C unwavering, character �C unyielding, all make me impressed. Look! Helen interprets the words "never give up" so vividly that her life is really a perfect end. I feel very lucky to be integrated into her world. Her optimistic spirit has influenced me, and it has also filled me with the future of "Journey to the West" for life and study in the future. I know that no matter what difficulties I encounter, even if it is really difficult Carton Of Cigarettes, it must be Go forward and keep the faith in your heart! When I read The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei��s three-pronged sorrow made me deeply moved. He makes good use of talents, knows the general situation, and considers the overall situation. These styles let me appreciate it. Of course, Zhuge Liang��s talents are great, resourceful and fascinating, and I have to make me marvel at reading and make me feel happy. From the book, I learned about Lu Xun��s childhood life, saw Zhu Ziqing��s pride in the poor life, realized Xi Murong��s recollection of the past, and also appreciated the romance and spirit of Roman Roland... From the books, I met one. The famous person, who understands the life course of these writers, understands the meaning of ��can not see the wind and rain, how can I see the rainbow��. "There is no book in life, just like there is no sunshine; there is no book in wisdom, just like a bird without wings." Shakespeare's famous words vividly illustrate the importance of the existence of books. Reading has enriched my life experience and increased my knowledge. It has become an indispensable part of my life Wholesale Cigarettes, let us read it in
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