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The bells of the class sounded to the ear, silently sucking oxygen and reflecting the smiley face, and the pictures of each other passed down, and the light disappeared. The spring breath infects the leaves, the entire book is placed at the table, the sparrows and butterflies on the playground are also flying. We used to say that good happiness is always forever, and that year I have been hiding in books. I hope to stay in that year and write poetry together forever. I am not a passionate poet. I can express my feelings with beautiful sentences. I am not a colorful person. The painter can paint a picture of youth with a magical brush; I can only express the faint blessings in my heart with plain words. Looking back, how many days and nights Marlboro Gold, what are you accompanying us? It is the "righteousness" that has been mistaken for selling, and it is the "sweetness" of awkwardness. What is accompanying us? It is a "shattering language" when it is boring, and it is a "fighting" when it is lost. What is accompanying us? Is it "warm" when you cry? Remember? That year we didn't want to learn, lazy and scattered, preferring to count the leaves around the trees, rather than sitting in the classroom to write homework. I would rather be accompanied by the "no nutrition" novel, and I don't want to see the textbooks that we call "boring". When I was in class, I wrote a note and I was not willing to say your "same party". I was wronged by my grievances and returned to my seat. I still smiled at me with a smile. I am very moved. Because of the "righteousness, bitterness" accompanied by us still remember? That year, we started to open our minds, and we were surrounded by classes and talked about the "secret" of shame. "Hey, I like the class of that class Newport 100S... What about you?" The ignorant ignorance of the young man sometimes makes his heart take off and sometimes falls to the bottom Marlboro Lights. We will comfort each other: "Now we are too small, now I want to learn, what do you want to do!" I was very touched, because "the boring words, the lost cheers" accompanied us. Remember that time? There is a disagreement with you, mutual damage to each other, and finally got angry and cried. Clear your thoughts, apologize to each other, and look at each other. You first say "I'm sorry", know that I have a good face and let me have a step. I am very touched because "warm" is with us. Now, the days of separation are getting closer and closer, "I am ecstasy, but don't." Despite the disappointment, more is the blessing between each other. "Friends go together for a lifetime, those days are no longer there, in a word, the generations of those years, the time we passed away. Those years, the memories of our passing, those years, our faint little youth
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